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If you're looking for a dance that flows beautifully with those slow romantic songs of almost any genre, then you've found it here. Also called "Night Club Two-Step, a bit of a mysterious name, this dance draws quite a bit of curiosity as to what it is actually is. Night Club is a beautiful and romantic dance, combining the elegance of waltz with the simple timing of rumba. Although having had its start in the swing and country world, Nightclub has a very ballroom look, and is the perfect dance for those slow romantic songs that couples would otherwise just sway back and forth to. Simple in step and pattern it is easy to learn and can be introduced to the beginner dancer, while captivating accomplished dancers as well. Night Club is often a perfect fit for WEDDING COUPLES and their FIRST DANCE, as the simplicity and flow make it easy to learn, and yields a result that is truly a beautiful picture. For anyone wishing to dance something very simple, yet very elegant, Night Club Sway is the dance to learn! FOR DETAILS, QUESTIONS OR SCHEDULING A LESSON CALL KELLY AT 417-689-4141.