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  • But Wait, There’s More…. Dance, Relationships and Life

  • “Dance for life” is a phrase that can have several meanings attached to it. The step-by-step learning process takes us through all the stages of developing everything from footwork and frame, to connection and musicality. Thus the phrase “dancing for life”, feels like it translates into, “Learning to dance takes an entire life!”

    Sometimes it really might ………. and, that’s not all bad!

    Dancing holds the potential to be a lifetime sport for dancers at all levels – partially and mostly because for those who have caught the “dancing bug”, dancing is just plain fun!!

    You don’t have to be a dance expert to be one that dances through life.

    Dance is simply the best combination of social interaction, physical exercise, mental exercise and recreation out there. If you don’t believe me, “Google it”. Studies show that dance is one of the best activities for mental sharpness and physical health as one ages.

    Aside from that, dancing is a skill that holds value for a lifetime – a truth played out on any given dance floor where many variations in age groups, and even generations, are all in one place, sharing the love of music and dance.

    Dancing is also a lifetime sport because you truly can spend an entire lifetime learning it all. For those that pursue it long-term, there’s always a new dynamic to add or enjoy. That doesn’t mean however, that someone can’t enjoy learning it for just a season, or up to a certain level. Many take dance lessons for a bucket list check-mark, a first wedding dance, or a  a new activity to explore. Dance is fun, appropriate and perfect for all those goals. For those that pursue it long-term, thought, there’s always a new dynamic to learn, enjoy or strive for whether dancing by yourself or with a partner.

    Regardless of skill level, dancing is somewhat like riding a bike. Learn it and you can use it whenever opportunity arises.

    But Wait, There’s More….

    Dance and the process of shedding those two-left-feet can parallel life with all its rhythm changes as well. Relationships, personal growth, group interactions, and faith are learning processes with steps, progressions, new experiences, and challenges.

    Just like dance steps, life, faith and relationship skills take time to learn, possess short term highs, encounter struggles, and require endurance to attain long-term goals as well. They also, like dance, hold growth opportunities that are ongoing, always challenging us to the next level of accomplishment, and success. Life is like a dance – learning steps and moving with the music, even when we don’t quite hear the beat.

    Couples and Dance

    When pertaining to relationships in particular, many of life’s lessons are “live and in person” when two people are learning to dance together. When couples dance together there is lead and follow, role related responsibilities, communication, expectations, servant-hood, conflict resolution and trust. How’s that for a set of life lessons?

    The wonderful thing about couples learning to dance however, is that even though the process isn’t instant pudding, the overall goal of dancing together often times trumps the struggle to accomplish that goal. Two people with two-left-feet work can together and discover an awesome partnership, and, since the dancing process itself is fun and  positive, so is the response by each partner to try their best for the other.

    Trying the best for each other to create a partnership. That’s what it takes – both on and off the dance floor.

    Dance for Life

    Dance requires that each person know their part, but even then, it won’t work without cooperation, communication, a bit of trial and error, and some time and practice. When those elements are present however, developing dance skills can be a super fun journey. Relationships are the same way. Hard work at times, but worth the effort.

    So, push through the tough spots and you’ll come out more balanced, and more grounded on the other end – in dance, as an individual, and in relationships. They are all truly lifetime pursuits because just when you think you’ve mastered it……well, you know…

    So keep on dancing – even when you feel like life has you moving through it with two-left-feet. Call in some coaching or counseling reinforcements if necessary. Eventually you’ll figure out that step you’ve been missing, and when you do, not only will the dance come alive, but you’ll be more solidly equipped to help someone else stumbling through the same thing.



    Kelly Frey is owner/operator of Step by Step Dance where she specializes in wedding choreography, ballroom, swing, country, line dance and salsa. She loves the Lord, and loves to help others discover how dance can add an extra element of joy and fun to their lives. She welcomes all who need to find a new hobby, have a specific reason to learn, and even those with two-left feet!