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  • This year for Valentine’s Day step outside of the box. Try a gift from Step by Step Dance studio.

    That’s right, instead of chocolate or flowers, give the gift of dance lessons! Step by Step not only teaches you everything you need to know about how to look good on the dance floor, but they do it in a way that makes it easy – step by step.

    Weddings, parties, clubs – music and dancing are everywhere! Rather than sitting on the sidelines only WISHING you could dance, call Step by Step Dance Studio and sign up for a few lessons. They can show you the moves that get you off the sidelines and out onto the dance floor.

    And, no worries if your one of those individuals that claps off time, or has no rhythm. Step by Step Dance Studio specializes in those with two-left feet. In fact their motto is “From Two-Left Feet to Dancing with the Beat”. They can teach you, and make it fun in the process!

    Wife, Husband, finance, girlfriend or boyfriend….give your Valentine the gift of dance from Step by Step Dance Studio. It’s the gift that keeps everyone dancing and lasts way longer than a box of chocolate or bouquet of flowers!