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  • But Wait, There’s More…. Dance, Relationships and Life

    "Dance for life” is a phrase that can have several meanings attached to it. The step-by-step learning process takes us through all the stages of developing everything from footwork and frame, to connection and musicality. Thus the phrase “dancing for life”, feels like it translates into, [...]

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    Four Reasons to Check Dance off your Bucket List in 2019

    A student of mine told me a story one time of something that happened to him back in high school. The “girl of his dreams” back then, supposedly wanted him to ask her to the upcoming spring formal. Because he was afraid to dance, however, he never took the initiative to ask. She of course [...]

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    The Power of one Word 2019

    NEW YEAR The new year always brings with it the infamous “New Year’s Resolutions” - an opportunity to look ahead towards hitting new goals, solidifying new habits and experiencing new successes. Alongside the common determinations to finally nail down the right exercise plan, or start that [...]

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