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  • Privae dance Lesson

    For those of you who place themselves in the “two left feet category” don’t despair – there’s hope! Private lessons are the best way to learn the details and mechanics behind the ‘secrets’ of what make two people flow together well on the floor. There is much to be gained from one-on-one instruction as men learn how to lead, and women learn how to follow. Mastering the frame, connection, proper footwork and execution of each individual role is what makes the dance work, and we can teach you all of that in private lessons!

    Private lessons can be taken with a partner or individually and whether you’re a couple or not, dance will yield awesome results! We have watched couples grow together from working towards developing a new “together” skill, and singles grow in confidence and excitement as they find a new activity and skill to engage with others in.

    • Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience, around your busy week or weekend and most students book a private once or twice per week.
    • You do not need a partner to learn to dance. In fact, if you learn to dance, you will meet other dancers.
    • Private lessons can be mixed with group lessons as well, and we offer discounted packages for both!