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  • lindy hop throwoutDating back to the early 1920’s, and made famous in Harlem New York, Lindy hop is like the ‘retro dance’ of swing dances, utilizing some of the the jazz music and swing steps popular in its era. Full of not only throw out steps and the Charleston, but also a few moves in which at least one partner has both feet leave the ground in a dramatic, acrobatic style, Lindy hop is not for the faint of heart, but for those with the energy of Frankie Manning, Lindy’s poster child.

    Lindy hoppers often dress the part, showing up at a dance in there flat sneakers, high-waisted pants for the guys, and a-line skirts with ‘underoos’ for the girls. No worries though, you can show up for Lindy hop class in the finest of current fashions, and with a love for any kind of music. We would recommend you bring your keds or flats though, as Lindy hop has ‘hop’ in it’s name for a reason!