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    WHO WE ARE – Top Instructors and Staff!

    With teaching partners, staff, outside coaches and experts from various dance genres, Step by Step offers a wide range of combined experience, talent, teaching expertise and most of all a welcoming, patient and loving way of working with people! Our staff and support are amazing individuals, all with a love for dance, a passion to help others learn, and a fun crazy side that will have you laughing and enjoying every moment of your time spent among them.

    HOW WE GOT STARTED – From the Beginning!

    In operation for over 10 years, Step By Step Dance Studio was originally started by Kelly Frey with the goal of bringing the joy and benefits of dance to both couples and individuals, especially those, who like Kelly, did not grown up with dance, but discovered it a little later on in life. With her own ‘dance addiction’ originating from the social dance floor, Kelly pursued the challenge and journey of professional dancing through top level coaching from several nationally ranked and internationally known instructors, competitors and champion dancers. The hard work, discipline and training hours pounded out through much coaching and practice, resulted in Step by Step Dance Studio becoming not only Kelly’s own success in the world of dance, but also the success of many students following her teaching lead.

    WHAT WE DO – Make dance easy and fun!

    With top dance instructors in Swing, Ballroom, Country, Salsa, Lindy Hop and Argentine Tango, and options for students to dance socially, or even pursue competition, Step by Step Dance Studio will not only help you grow out of your two-left feet, but will also offer you growth opportunities in social settings, relationships, exercise and overcoming personal fears. It might sound a little ‘out there’ for a benefits of dancing list, but learning a new skill such as dance really will do all the above, and the team at Step by Step will make it a fun journey, no doubt!

    So, even if you have no rhythm, are ‘dance-a-phobic’ in a group setting, or the one who always leads, or can’t follow, STEP BY STEP is for anyone and everyone to discover dance and ALL of it’s benefits – exercise, social interaction, relationship building, stress relief, recreation, mind sharpness, coordination and flexibility growth (just to name a few!).

    Please don’t hesitate to check out one of our classes at or call to chat with one of our dance instructors about your dance dreams or goals – we can get you there and would certainly love to help you!