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    The answer is…both! Actually both are great dance lesson options, and if you incorporate both types of lessons into your learning to dance experience, then you will learn to dance faster and probably make some new friends along the way as well!

    Private dance lessons are often times a great way to start – especially if you have no dance experience and/or are nervous or intimidated by the whole idea. And, by the way, if you are nervous and intimidated by dancing, no worries, come anyway… you’ll love it and as long as you want to learn, we can definitely teach you! Private dance lessons are also the best options if you learn best at your own pace, or if you are working towards a wedding, event, competition, or something specific.

    Group dance lessons are a blast if you’re coming with others, or if you thrive on meeting new people and enjoying learning something new even in the presence of others. You can gain from learning with others by watching them, and you can probably enjoy a few laughs and along the way as well. Plus, let’s face it, at some point, when using your new skill of dance, you will most likely be dancing around other people, so group settings are also good ways to take your private lesson skills and apply them in a more real world scenario where there is plenty of people and music!  This takes us back to the first point…the question of which is better, group lesson or private lessons..the answer is, both!