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  • Romantic dance Argentine tango.Argentine Tango

    Argentine Tango is described as elegant, intimate, and one of the most beautiful dances in the world. A dance of improvisation, it allows for unlimited interpretation of the music because it has no predetermined patterns or required tempos. It is an expression of feeling or mood, allowing for wide varieties of music to carry a partnership through the dance. Aside from the beauty and depth of this dance, Argentine Tango is often tagged to be the dance that can bring the idea of partnership, connection and musicality to the forefront as a polishing tool, or introduction for all other dances. If you like elegance and beauty with a splash of passion and romance, or if you just want to take on a dance that will deepen your understanding of connection, lead and follow, then Argentine Tango might just be for you!


    • Tango is a life-long enriching journey where your skills grow and mature, getting better with time.
    • Argentine Tango is a walking based dance which makes it easy on the body.  This and the soft embrace make this dance very comfortable which allows many couples to dance this well into their 80’s!
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