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  • line dance Love to dance, but lack a partner? Line dance is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the world of dance, teach your feet something new, and have fun while working off a few calories in the process!!



    Guess what?? It’s not just country music that line dances are choreographed to now-a-days. Several popular and favorite line dances stretch across the entire music spectrum of R&B, Latin, Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative and even ballroom. Line dance utilizes many common couples steps, aligning them into a pattern that can be danced to music solo. A great way to train your ear, feet and body to all cooperate with the music and steps at the same time. Because of this, line dancing can be an asset for all new dancers, both couples and individuals, as it helps with timing, rhythm, coordination and movement. Each dance is taught “step by step” with enough repetition, that all it takes is a desire to learn, and the love of dance to let you line dance at any level. It’s all fun and a great way to get yourself out on the floor dancing, with or without a partner!