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  • SALSA DANCESalsa!!! And it’s not the kind that goes with chips! Although it is hot, this kind of salsa goes with Latin music and a taste of the Carribean or South America. If you like that mix of culture, or if you’re after a good healthy workout, salsa might be your pick off the menu of dances. We have some awesome salsa instructors at Step by Step and many avid salsa dancers that love the dance, love to share it with others, and are anxious to have you come join them.


    Learn the basic steps and patterns, as well as the trademark Cuban hip motion that accompanies it. Salsa stems from a family of other like dances as well…dances like merengue, bachata, cumbia, rumba and cha cha.  It is this same family of dances that the popular Zumba exercise classes originated from. So if you’re in for some high energy, culturally rich, and incredibly fun social dancing packed with Latin music rhythms, then you need to sign up for Salsa!

    • We always offer salsa, as well as the other Latin dances on a private lesson basis. Call and schedule a time that fits your schedule.

    • Group salsa classes run in series on and off throughout the year. Be sure to call and see when our next salsa class is upcoming! If you want to create your own fun group, or you and another couple are preparing for a cruise or Latin American trip, call us and we’ll set your own group class up!