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  • Learning the language of danceLEARNING THE LANGUAGE OF DANCE

    Dance is like learning a language, so as you get ready to embark upon this new adventure, here are a few helpful tips to get you started:



    1. Decide to do it, and we’ll take care of your two-left feet!
    We can help you with learning – trust us! You CAN learn, and if you don’t know where to start, no worries, we’ve got you covered!

    2. Take a private lesson or two.
    It’s like a tutoring session with someone who speaks the language of dance fluently, and it can help you learn faster! Private lessons are a little more expensive, but packed with details that are specific to your learning style, pace and goals. Private lessons will most definitely progress your dance skills further and faster!

    3. Sign up for a  group class and interact with others who are also learning.
    Whether you show up at one of our pre-set group classes, or you get your own group of friends together and call us for a time slot,  group classes are great fun, and a setting that you just might make some new friends in as well!




    1. Practice your new language.
    At home, at work, at the grocery store…..yes, everywhere you go there are opportunities to utilize little snippets of your new language of dance…we’ll show you how!

    2. Invest in the proper attire.
    You don’t have to start with dance shoes right off the bat. We might have you dance in your socks to start, but eventually, you will want to buy some dance shoes – they will REALLY be helpful to you on your journey! We sell them, so you can try them on and find the style that fits you best!

    3. Take a field trip to an event or social dance.
    Attend one of our special dances or evenings….it’s like speaking your new language out in the real world! Realize that you may not be fluent that first time out, but you’ll enjoy the new found conversations immensely!



    1. Sign up for a workshop when an expert or native to the dance you are learning is in town.
    These experiences can really open up the world that is before you and give your dance language a boost to the next level.

    2. Gather with others that are also learning.
    Practice with one another, share learning experiences and enjoy the new friends formed. Don’t worry if you are without partner or dance friend at the moment..dancing introduces you to an entire world of new friends and and a new social life!

    3. Attend a larger dance event, competition or workshop out of town.
    These are tons of fun and are like visiting a new country where everyone you meet speaks “dance”!

    4. Share your new dance language with others and invite them to embark upon the same journey…you could probably help them along as well!