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    If you and your fiancé are preparing for the “big day”, then you need to call us and we’ll set you up with the steps and choreography for that most MEMORABLE FIRST DANCE of the bride and groom! In all honesty, this is our favorite thing to do, as each couple has their own unique music and personality, wedding plans and ideas. Wedding choreography is our chance to be creative in designing exactly what you want for your special day and we love to do it!

    Even if your past dance experience combined equals nothing, we can get you started – just bring us your music and we’ll take it from there. If you haven’t yet found that “perfect” song, let us know and we can help you with that as well! Call us now though, as we have found wedding couples to have plenty of other preparations on their agenda as well – planning ahead may be to your advantage!


    • Expect these lessons to be fun and full of anticipation while learning and preparing  for something new together!
    • We work with wedding couples in a private lesson setting for the choreography and coaching towards putting together your first dance.
    • We offer wedding packages with discounts to get you started.
    • We can help you find music, and if need be, we will cut, splice or alter your music for no additional charge.
    • Ask about our DJ services too, as we love to DJ for your guests and get the whole house dancing in celebration of your day!!